Alex Glowaski

Date: October 14, 2014
Location: San Francisco
Alex Glowaski blends artistic wearable tech with robotics, music, and language/symbol systems. She is currently an Instructables Artist in Residence and the Resident Maker at Pinoccio. Having studied languages and holography at the University of Michigan, Alex went on to direct two hackerspaces (All Hands Active and Noisebridge), where she honed electronics skills first picked up in FIRST Robotics. Alex has exhibited a set of musical deltabots at the All Worlds Fair in San Francisco, and built a self-playing robotic ukulele. She is currently focusing on mesh-networked EEG devices and showcased two brainwave-controlled, animatronic fashion pieces at Hot Couture 2013-pairs of horns and wings that respond to the wearer's focus. She will soon be launching a piece of original music into low-earth orbit.