Anton Perich

Date: May 10, 2011
Location: DUMBO
Anton Perich is a visual artist, filmmaker and photographer born in Croatia in 1945. Anton was among the first activists to present weekly programs of avant-garde and underground films in the American Center in Paris and socialized with the Lettrists and the French film underground in the late 60's. He moved to New York in 1970 and worked as a busboy at the legendary Max's Kansas City, where he photographed the scene and exhibited his photos on the walls. Anton became friends with Andy Warhol and contributed as a photographer to Interview Magazine; he subsequently founded NIGHT magazine as a gallery for his own photography and to document the nightlife at locations such as Studio54. In the late 70's, Anton designed and built an electric painting machine, an early predecessor of the inkjet printer. The development of this machine established Anton as a pioneer of digital art.