Cynthia Beth Rubin

Cynthia Beth Rubin is a new media artist whose works mix photographic elements in complex layers of representation and abstraction. She began experimenting with digital media in the early 1980's. Her work has been exhibited at the Jewish Museum in Prague, the San Francisco and the Boston Jewish Film Festivals, the Pandemonium Festival at the ICA in London, the Lavall Gallery in Novosibirsk, ISEA, ArCade and SIGGRAPH. Her awards include the first award in New Media from the Connecticut Commission on the Arts, the New England Foundation for the Arts, Videochroniques in Marseilles, CYPRES in Aix-en-Provence, and the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture. Cynthia has been an active member of the SIGGRAPH Digital Art Committee, served as vice-president of ISEA and co-authored the CAA Guidelines for Faculty in New Media. She is currently affiliated with RISD.