Dan Baker

Creative Technologist Daniel Casey Baker started as a filmmaker and expanded into the world of fabrication, photography, mixed media, projection design, and computer programming. His art contemplates the life cycle for organics and the intersection of the natural world with human detritus. He is also founder of Crysalys, a custom experience design agency that creates immersive environments using hypnotic visuals, transporting sounds, and engaging interactive elements. For the See.me "Creatives Rising" launch party, Crysalys used 20 projectors to video map a 40 story building. They "stitched" the projections together to form one continuous image, and VJ'd live video for the event. For AT&T's installation at SXSW, they designed a 360° video projection system for their "Teleporter" dome where customers were able to choose their destination with a touch screen interface and "teleport" to different attractions around Austin. Dan's films have been screened internationally at venues such as the Centre Pompidou, the Austrian Film Museum, the Museum of Latin American Art in Buenos Aires, and the ICA Boston.