Dan Moore

Date: February 10, 2014
Location: Upper West Side
Dan Moore works on the bleeding edge of technology, art, and interaction. He currently works with the Fake Love agency. Over the last half-decade he has lead the design and development of several Android Apps for corporations including Fox News, NBC Universal, Time Inc, and Scripps Networks and developed SmartTV Applications for Samsung and Sigma Designs. He is a contributor to the creative coding framework openFrameworks where he is one of the lead developers on the openFrameworks for Arm Linux project. He is one of the main developers of ScratchML, a F.A.T. Lab project that attempts to record, document, and transcribe DJ performances to usher in a new way to interact with the audience. Recently Dan worked with the L.A. based band Liars and the visual artist Sonny Gerasimowicz to create a unique visual experience for the band's performance at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.