Dan Paluska

Date: November 11, 2014
Location: Tribeca
Dan Paluska might tell you about some of the software and robot art he used to do a lot of, both independently and for the likes of Citroen and Absolut. Or he might feed you some sauerkraut he just fermented. If all goes well he'll get you to sing a song and move around the room a bit. Inevitably, there will be some philosophy of the spectrum of technology and the human condition and the trophic pyramid scheme. He'll add some stories of leaving the high tech landscape and becoming a rural farmworker, tanning hides, raising food, working with draft horses, and building the small home that he now lives in Brunswick, Maine. He won't mention his undergrad and masters degrees in mechanical engineering from MIT or the time his work was on the cover of Wired - but I will.