Evelyn Eastmond

Evelyn Eastmond is a coder and artist based in Boston. She is an Open Web Engineer at Bocoup and adjunct faculty at RISD, where she received her MFA in Digital+Media. Her work explores the elegance of abstraction both in coding, as a way to describe complex software systems, and in painting, as a way to describe a personal, visual language. Stemming from these interests, Evelyn develops creative-coding toolkits and is currently contributing to p5.js, a new web-flavor of Processing. She also worked as a research developer at the MIT Media Lab on the Scratch project, a visual creative-coding environment for children which has reached worldwide adoption as has been covered by the New York Times, BBC and WIRED. As a spin-off of Processing and Scratch, Evelyn created DesignBlocks to help artists and designers venture into creative coding through visual programming. Evelyn received her BS and MEng degrees in Computer Science from MIT and her work has been shown in Providence and Boston.