Isabel Walcott Draves

Date: May 13, 2014
Location: Midtown
In 2009, Isabel Walcott Draves founded Leaders in Software and Art (LISA), a community of cutting-edge technology artists, curators, collectors, coders and collaborators. LISA has hosted monthly salons all over NYC; produced two annual fall conferences, and partners with other organizations seeking to meet digital artists. Isabel is the business manager for the software artist Scott Draves. She is also an Internet strategy consultant who works in marketing, research, and operations at tech-oriented companies, including Bertelsmann, Gartner, Linden Lab, and Sunny Bates Associates. She is the founder (in 1996) and former CEO of, the first social media site for teenage girls. Isabel has a BA in Literature from Harvard and a MA in Communications, Computing and Technology from Columbia.