Peter Beyls

Peter Beyls is a Belgian-born artist/composer who explores computer programming as a medium for artistic expression and develops generative systems in music, the visual arts and hybrid formats. He studied music and computer science at EMS, Stockholm, the Royal Music Conservatory, Brussels and University College London. Beyls has a PhD in CS from the University of Plymouth UK for his research on evolutionary computing applied to real-time interactive music systems. He has published extensively on various aspects of digital media, including computer assisted composition, real-time systems design, interface design, personal expert systems and, in general, the application of Artificial Intelligence for artistic purposes. Beyls pioneered the use of cellular automata in the field of computer music while at the VUB AI-Lab. His work has been exhibited and performed at Siggraph, ICMC, Imagina, ISCM, Generative Arts and ISEA. Peter is is a research professor at Catholic University of Portugal and visiting professor of Media Art at University College Ghent.