Yael Kanarek

Date: May 8, 2012
Location: Dumbo
Employing modes of authorship (storytelling, computer code, and multiple languages), Yael Kanarek's creative practice centers on the hypothesis that language and numerals render reality, and that this reality is an entirely subjective singular field. In the series Code:Skin, the sculpture Spin_Lock is a soft and flowing banner of linux source code transferred onto organza ribbon floating like a bridal dress. In a series of photographs, a dancer dressed in the code is asked to "perform" functions of the software, such as Sleep_Mode and Attached. The Internet art work Destruction and Mending approaches the website as a body. Yael has been supported by Eyebeam, the Rockefeller Foundation, Turbulence, NYFA, SFMOMA, the Jerome Foundation, and Harvestworks, among others. She is represented at Bitforms.