Workshop: Drawing the Third Dimension

Drawing the Third Dimension: Rendering Interactive 3D Environments with Jitter and Blender
A Harvestworks Workshop taught by Thomas Martinez

Saturday November 2nd – 11am-7pm (30 Intermission + 2 10 minute Breaks)

20 people maximum attendance

596 Broadway #602 NY NY 10012 • phone 212.431.1130

This workshop will focus on Max/MSP Jitter’s OpenGL framework to create compelling interactive visuals in 3D. We will also be using Blender (a free and open source 3D modeling software) to create our own basic models to import and work with in Jitter. Participants will leave the 6 hour workshop with a trove of reusable code and resources to begin writing their own 3D Video software or Interactive Visual Environments.

In addition to covering the basics of setting up your scene and going through some of the more technical considerations for your virtual scene we will touch on the following concepts:

  • drawing3rd1Defining environmental attributes for your space such as depth, lighting, and immersive backdrops.
  • Mixing between multiple video sources to create a simple video cueing program for performance or dynamic texturing.
  • Importing your own models or geometry from your favorite 3d animation software. (Blender, Maya, Autocad…)
  • Have your models, shapes, images, and videos react to live or prerecorded sound.
  • Fill your virtual world with your own media (Sound/Video/Image/Drawing)
  • Animate your media in real-time (Spin It – Move It – Warp It – Destroy It)
  • Colorize/texturize/materialize and otherwise manipulate your media visually/sonically.
  • Basic modeling techniques in Blender to create 3D models
  • ??? What wonders may rise…
A free 30-day trial of Max/MSP Jitter is available here – (otherwise it is $250 for an educational discount and $399 for a normal license). A full version of Blender is available here for free (
Participants should bring their own Mac laptops (OSX Snow Leopard or later) with both softwares already installed. Interested Windows users should message before signing up. It is also highly recommended that you bring a mouse with a scroll wheel.

LISA thanks Harvestworks, Carol Parkinson and Hans Tammen for the partnership that allows us to offer this workshop.