Tech Artist Bureau

Since 2009, we have been getting to know the best software and electronic artists in the world.
We know their work, their personalities and their reputations.
We know how to get in touch with them and how fast they will get back to us.
We know which artists are right for which projects.
We know who will and won’t work for hire and on commission.


Helping you understand the landscape

We know what research is being conducted in the field, which labs and collectives are supporting artists, and the state of the art in digital & interactive creativity and contemporary new media art.  We know who’s writing content and critique about tech artists and which galleries are representing them.  We know trustworthy agencies and vendors.  We also offer consulting on building digital fab labs, tech art research, and budgeting and grantwriting to receive tech monies for new art forms.

Finding you the right art, and artists

If you are you looking to feature tech art and digital artists in your museum exhibition, gallery, or corporate/private setting, contact us. We can help you produce a spectacular event or promotion with unique interactive visuals and music.

Artists who are part of our network trust us to work in their best interests.

We are proud to have been able to support their careers by connecting artists with curators, collectors, museums, commissions, and other creative work opportunities.

Connecting you with new talent

Working with the best partners in the business, we can help you and your interactive agency produce digital projects and build your network of creative coders and experts in Processing, Cinder, openFrameworks, Maya, 3D printing, Arduino, LED display, algorithmic art and a host of other skills.

Contact us today
Please contact leaders @ softwareandart dot com for a free consultation.