Special Rates

At Leaders in Software and Art we recognize that, despite the economic potential of software and electronic art, a portion of our community will want to attend but feel unable due to financial constraints.

If you think you belong at LISA, we think you belong at LISA.  We’d like to make it possible for you financially to attend.

Please drop us a line at isabel at draves dot org and tell us why you fit with our community, how much you can afford to pay for the conference, and without going into detail, why your employer (did you ask? the conference is very career-enhancing) or personal budget can’t cover our fee.

A discounted ticket shows our support for your career, and we assume you will support us in return.  We expect discounted attendees to attend the entire conference, arriving promptly at 8 am and staying until 6:30.  If it turns out you will be unable to attend after purchasing your ticket, it is not be refundable or transferable except for cases of extreme need.

Discounted ticketholders are not eligible for workshop discounts and must pay the full workshop price.