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Aaron Koblin at Eyeo

Aaron (a LISA alum) started his talk by showing some of the projects he has worked on. Aaron Koblin’s eCloud He says: With eCloud, you see 3000 panels of privacy glass in the airport that change based on weather patterns.  I visualized cell phone calls on New Year’s Eve in […]

Jer Thorp at Eyeo

Jer gave a great talk at Eyeo today. Jer says: I am notoriously bad at looking into the future.  I could have been employee #5 at Flickr (Ludicorp) but missed it.  I thought the web was a bad idea at first too.  So I’m going to talk about history instead […]

Ali Momeni and MAW

Ali Momeni teaches here in Minneapolis and started a collective in Minneapolis called MAW – the He says: I’ve been reflecting on the outings we’ve done. It was initially an acronym for Minneapolis Art on Wheels, but we do way more than that, magic for example.  It’s a revolving […]

Nicholas Felton

Nicholas Felton spoke first at Eyeo this morning and told us what ended up being a beautiful, romantic story. Nicholas tracks the data of his own days and turns them into annual reports.  What routes does he walk?  How often does he take public transport?  Is he a good gardener?  […]

Robert Hodgin

This evening’s first presentation at Eyeo was by Robert Hodgin, who is a terrific speaker and explainer, and funny to boot.  Robert says: I remember using a computer with a four-color palate, a low-res display.  I was playing video games and I don’t recall a single instance where I thought […]

Marius Watz – Random Thoughts on Code and Form

Marius (another LISA alum!) spoke this afternoon at Eyeo. He says: It took me 15 years to get to finally making some screen prints of my work — with Jer Thorp.  (Just a little plug).  I am descended from Thor the Dog and I’m Norwegian.  I’ve been heckling people here […]

Zach Lieberman – Drawing Movement and Magic

Zach Lieberman was the next speaker at Eyeo this morning.  I have encountered Zach’s name before and I’ve either invited him, or planned to invite him, to speak at a LISA salon one of these days.  I’ll have to find him and do that here. He’s a professor at Parsons […]

Jake Barton of Local Projects

Day two of the Eyeo Festival.  I was late from doing email back at the room, so I missed a bunch of the demonstration projects that Barton described for the first 15 minutes. Jake says: The public review process is flawed.  It’s an aging system that once played a role, […]

Natalie Jermijenko's Eyeo Presentation

I was only able to attend one of the evening sessions tonight at the Eyeo Festival (because things got started pretty late and will end even later), so I am missing Golan Levin and the Seed-sponsored afterparty.  Yay to Seed Media Group, and Adam Bly for sponsoring this conference. […]

Data Viz 101 with Jer Thorp and Wes Grubbs

Much of this session was actually writing code to make a demo program, but I captured the part that was more chatty.  The picture above is as far as I got in my Processing demo… after that I got lost and started blogging.  Jer has the presentation available if anyone […]