LISA Takes 22 Artists to Art Silicon Valley

I’m happy to announce that Leaders in Software and Art is working in partnership with Art Silicon Valley/Art San Francisco, the people who brought us Art Miami, to bring a huge influx of art made with electronics and software as part of the process to the fair.  We hope you will come visit us at Art Silicon Valley, and most importantly, buy something!  I would be happy to discuss the process behind any of the pieces on display at any of the galleries; just come find me at my booth.

By the way, if you’re just browsing, please come anyway – making a purchase is not required – we want you there and we want you to love this art, which was carefully curated by Isabel Draves (that’s me).  I’ll be in our booth there Oct. 9-12, 2014.

If you’d like special access to the Fair through LISA, please email me: isabel at draves dot org.

Here is the list of participating artists, photos of their work when available, and where you will be able to find their work at the fair.  Several artists will be attending the fair as well, and giving booth talks – not to be missed!  Check our twitter feed – @softwareandart – for up to the minute notifications.

Blue Andrea by Anton Perich

Anton Perich– LISA booth exclusive – on your left as you enter the fair!
BCarrington StrataSystems
Blake Carrington– hosted by Ninoska Huerta Gallery, Coral Gables


Caraballo-Farman– hosted by Baker Sponder Gallery, Boca Raton


Carla Gannis– hosted by KM Fine Arts, Chicago and Los Angeles


Claudia Hart– hosted by Baker Sponder Gallery, Boca Raton

Afterdrift by Darcy Gerbarg

Darcy Gerbarg– Her paintings will flank the event stage at the fair

Erik Sanner–  hosted by Licht Feld Gallery, Basel

Gabriella Levine–  hosted by Adah Rose Gallery, DC Metro Area

sample4 by Heather Dewey-Hagborg

Heather Dewey Hagborg– hosted by Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago

pixel by Jamie Zigelbaum

Jamie Zigelbaum – hosted by Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London

Marius Watz ArcSurf

Marius Watz – hosted by Jerome Zodo Gallery, Milan


Jason Krugman – hosted by Modernism Gallery, San Francisco

Slurry Buildings 108_0809 2013_0169

Jeff Becker– hosted by Elizabeth Clement and Associates, Boston and New York

Jeff Snyder Copper

Jeff Snyder– hosted by Ten472 Contemporary Art, Nevada City

immaculate collision 1

Mark J. Stock–  hosted by Sense Fine Art, Menlo Park

scott draves

Scott Draves–  hosted by Adler and Co., San Francisco

Hope Protocol small

Shane Hope – hosted by Baker Sponder Gallery, Boca Raton

Gold bronze sophie kahn

Sophie Kahn – hosted by JoAnne Artman Gallery, Laguna Beach

Alarm_of_Hue small

Teddy Lo–  hosted by Unix Gallery, New York City

Tristan Perich: "Interval Studies" at Mikrogalleriet (2010)

Tristan Perich – hosted by Baker Sponder Gallery, Boca Raton

Endlicher Google Web Wig

Ursula Endlicher – hosted by Birnam Wood Gallery, New York City

A great big thank you to all our participating artists, host galleries, Bourlet Art Logistics and Art Silicon Valley for making this project a reality!