Interview with Daniel Rozin

Lara Sedbon conducts an email interview with Daniel Rozin for Leaders in Software and Art. Lara Sedbon: Please tell us about yourself. Daniel Rozin: I am a digital-interactive artist. All of my art deals with issues of image creation and human perception; specifically I am interested in mirrors and reflection. […]

Interview with Julian Oliver

Lara Sedbon conducts an email interview with Julian Oliver for the LISA blog. Introduction: Julian Oliver, frequently in partnership with other artists, works in conceptual and visual art.  His recent piece the Artvertiser seizes locations like Times Square and other advertising meccas as exhibition space.  The Artvertiser is an augmented […]

Interview with Quayola

Lara Sedbon conducts an email interview with Quayola for the LISA blog. LS: When and why did you start to focus on art and technology? Q: I was 13 when I first approached computers. My brother was studying architecture at the time and I got incredibly fascinated by all those […]

Interview with Memo Akten

Lara Sedbon conducts an email interview with Memo Akten for the LISA blog. LS:  How do you think of your next personal project, once you complete one? MA: Actually I don’t think of new projects after I finish an old one. Instead new ideas keep accumulating while I’m working on […]

Interview with Joanie Lemercier – ANTIVJ

Lara Sedbon conducts an email interview with Joanie Lemercier of ANTIVJ for the LISA blog. LS: Let’s start with a few questions about process.  How much code do you incorporate into your work? JL: Actually we use more and more code / custom software in the production of our work. […]

Featured Presenter: Categuru

So my buddies Carl Michael Carlson and Larry B. Finer have created a spanking cool word game for the iPhone called Categuru, and they demoed it right at launch, just in time for our December 8th salon.  The way it works is the screen, which looks like an antique wooden […]