About Us

We bring tech artists together.

Leaders in Software and Art (LISA, @softwareandart) is a society of creative thinkers centered around monthly salons and an annual conference. Begun by Isabel Walcott Draves and a group of enthusiastic co-founders in fall of 2009, LISA is a membership organization with the following aims:

– To bring together people who work at the intersection of art and technology for fellowship, camaraderie and good food and drink
– To introduce the membership to fascinating creative endeavors involving software and electronics

– To become the first stop for the best new art in the world
– To advance the artistic and/or technology careers of its members
– To help technologists grow their creative practice, and artists grow their technology skills

Who is part of LISA?
– software artists and digital artists, makers, DIY techies
– fashion designers, dancers, musicians, jewelry designers who enjoy technology
– avid patrons of music and the arts
– curators, gallerists, conference producers, retailers, and other┬ápromoters of artistic and technological endeavors
– software professionals and technology entrepreneurs
– professionals in the field of digital art, collectors interested in┬ádigital/electronic art and other art
– nonprofit arts entrepreneurs

How can people get involved?

Right now, most monthly LISA salons are private events held in NYC. However, we have an annual conference and some salons are open to the public. Please email isabel at draves dot org for more information.