Featured Presenter: Categuru

So my buddies Carl Michael Carlson and Larry B. Finer have created a spanking cool word game for the iPhone called Categuru, and they demoed it right at launch, just in time for our December 8th salon.  The way it works is the screen, which looks like an antique wooden box with a sliding top, gradually shows you more and more letters of a series of words that all belong to the same category.  Your job?  To guess the category these words belong to.  Some are hard.  For example, I had to look at the entire words “Butterfly, Greenhouse, Domino, Ripple and Doppler” for a few seconds before I could even figure out that they were all related in some way.

On the other hand, some are easy.  You see TO and KY as the first two letters of the first two words and you already know they are tokyo and kyoto which instantly gives you cities in Japan.  I’m not sure if there are any categories that I could get from first letters alone.

Since launching at our salon, Categuru has been generously reviewed by The Examiner as “a great little time-killer” and you can buy it yourself for just $1.99.