Featured Presenter: Erik Sanner

At the December Salon, Erik discussed some of his perspectives on the history of painting as time-based, in exploration of his interest in making “paintings that move”.  He also did something really, really cool – the last time Erik came to visit the apartment he took a snapshot of a landscape painting by Paul Ferney we have hanging in the guest bedroom.

So when he arrived he set up a projector on a tower in the guest bedroom and projected an animation onto the landscape.  Animals, both realistic and mythical, paraded in different directions across the land.  Given that there were hills and trees of varying distances from the viewer, the animals were either larger or smaller depending on their distance from the viewer, and they disappeared behind trees and hills as if the landscape had become three dimensional.

Scott and I thought this was SUPER cool and were blown away when Erik left the work with us, as it is of course a custom piece that wouldn’t work on any other painting.  You can see it move at Erik’s website.  It strikes me that this would be absolutely wonderful commission work for Erik – people everywhere who have a lovely and large painting that they enjoy, can commission a piece by Erik to dress up their work for special occasions with a video projection.  It would be like getting two paintings in one.