Finally – the software art conference we've all been waiting for!

In fulfillment of my hopes and dreams for many years now, I organized an all-day Leaders in Software and Art conference in New York City, Tuesday October 16th, 2012.  We reached out to everyone who works with or cares about art and technology, urging you to come meet and get inspired by some of the top artists and art experts in the field.  

If you are just personally interested in art that’s made using a technological process, or if you have a career at an interactive marketing or advertising agency, content or publishing company, software or app company, this is where you’ll find the people making the inspiring work that you’ll be referencing for the year to come.  If you are a gallerist, a museum curator or an art buyer, we hope you will come be blown away by the amazing new work that’s exploding into the contemporary art space, and participate in our discussions about how to shepherd the art canon into the 21st century.

Although the fields of advertising, software engineering, museum curation, and art might seem orthogonal to each other, they actually have a terrific amount in common.  They all deal directly with the human response to sensory, conceptual and emotional input.  They’re all being disrupted by advances in technology.  Besides, the use of technology as an artistic medium spreads across disciplines in a way you wouldn’t see with painting or sculpture.  Many legitimate interactive artists make money doing creative work for brands, while some of the work creative coders and designers produce at work is worthy of the name art.

The point we are making is this: here are some of the best people working in media art today.  If you need to meet them to do your job right, you will be here. If that means meeting some new people you don’t normally hang out with – that excites us!


Monday, Oct. 15
Artist Open Studios

Tuesday, Oct. 16
8:00-9:00        Registration, Coffee, Pastries
9:00-10:00      First Panel – Collecting New Media Art
10:00-10:15    Break, Coffee
10:15-10:45    Keynote I
10:45-11:45    Lightning Artist Talks
11:45-12:15    Keynote II
12:15-1:30      Lunch nearby, or onsite
1:30-2:30        Second Panel – What’s Possible with Toolkits?  Processing, OpenFrameworks, Cinder, and Max/MSP/Jitter
2:30-3:30        Lightning Artist Talks
3:30-4:00        Break, cookies
4:00-5:00        Third Panel – Crowdsourced + Social Media Art
5:00-6:00        Fourth Panel – Software Art and the Art Establishment
6:00-6:15        Wrap
6:15-8:30        Break for Dinner
8:30-12:00      Dance Party, Stunning Visuals, possible Open Bar

Presenters so far include:

Andrew Bell – Interactive designer; co-author, Cinder
Asher Remy Toledo, New media curator and collector
Bang-Geul Han – Media Artist, Assistant professor for the Digital Arts and Sciences program at Clarkson University
Bryce Wolkowitz (tentative) – Owner and Director, Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery
Christiane Paul – Professor of Visual Arts at The New School, New Media Curator, Author
Claudia Hart – Media artist, art critic, Associate Professor, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Daniel Shiffman – Assistant arts professor at NYU ITP; co-founder, Processing Foundation
Erik Sanner – Media artist, creator of “paintings that move”
Georgia Krantz, Education manager for adult interpretive programs at the Guggenheim Museum and adjunct professor, The New School and NYU ITP
Golan Levin – New media artist, composer, performer and engineer, associate professor of time-based art at CMU
Jason Eppink – Artist, assistant curator of digital media at the Museum of the Moving Image
Ken Johnson – Art critic, New York Times
Kurt Ralske – Artist, programmer and musician
Lesley Flanigan (tentative) – Vocalist, artist, electronic composer and performer
Luke duBois –  Composer, performer, conceptual new media artist, programmer, record producer and pedagogue
Mark Shepard (tentative)- Artist, architect, and new media and information technologies researcher
Mary Huang – Interactive designer, programmer, fashion designer
Melissa Mongiat – Designer, founder of design companies, founder, Daily tous les jours
Michael Spalter, Digital art collector and chairman of the board, Rhode Island School of Design
Phil Stearns – Electronic Artist, light and sound artist
Scott Draves – Software artist, programmer, creator of The Electric Sheep
Scott Snibbe (tentative) – Media artist, filmmaker, entrepreneur; app designer, Biophilia
Sophie Barrett-Kahn – Digital and electronic artist, associate professor at Pratt
Ursula Endlicher – New media, internet art and performance artist
Yael Kanarek- Artist, Net Art expert, founder of TheUpgrade!
Zach Lieberman – Artist, programmer, co-creator of openFrameworks, Golden Nica prizewinner

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