First Salon 12/8 a success!

Our first LISA salon was a tremendous success, with way more people than expected (around 25).  We are changing the location to a Soho gallery for next month (1/11).

Our featured presenters were:
– Erik Sanner.  Erik uses computers to manipulate images and project
them onto paintings, to make layered paintings that move.
– Carl Michael Carlson and Lawrence Finer.  Michael and Larry have
just launched a new word game for iPhone, Categuru.
– Nina Paley.  Nina Paley is a director,
animator, cartoonist, free-cultureist, and the creator of the
world-famous film Sita Sings the Blues.
– Scott Kildall.  Scott is a cross-disciplinary artist working with
video, installation, prints, sculpture and performance.

As soon as I have a moment, I’ll write a little about each presenter separately.