LISA 2012 Keynote: Scott Snibbe

Last fall at the LISA 2012 conference at the Guggenheim, one of the many highlights was Scott Snibbe’s keynote talk. From Cocteau’s Orpheus, to the infinite potential of the Apple II, to Oskar Fischinger, Scott explores some of the art, film and technology that has inspired him throughout his career.  In the second part of his talk he explores some of his art installations, including the 1995 Motion Phone, which he now says made him feel like a record without a record player.  What used to require $60,000 worth of equipment, now you can buy for a couple bucks on the iPad.  Scott really likes the place that iPad takes him and his art, and he shows us his pieces Gravilux and Bubble Harp.  They were shown in a number of galleries and museums, but now is an ipad app.  Near the end of his talk he shows the groundbreaking iPad album app that he created for Bjork’s Biophilia.

Photo by Phil Stearns