Matthew Richard at the Big Screen Plaza

As part of LISA’s partnership with the Big Screen Plaza, we will be showing excerpts from one of Matthew Richard‘s works during the months of June and July on the Big Screen at the Eventi Hotel at 30th and 6th in Manhattan.  We are excited that Matt is working with us for this project!

A note from the artist:

Matt Richard is fascinated with the process of creation.  By revealing the mechanisms behind the veiled result, he creates generative systems that play out in full view of an audience.  The outcomes differ with each iteration, but the methods of growth and change are highly structured and tuned to mimic their inspirations.  Physical processes of nature, ideas of spirituality in the age of quantum physics, and shamanic practice are common origins to these works.

Marios Waves was created by combining two generative works created while attending Dan Shiffamn’s “Nature of Code”. The result is a living representation of a color field painting by Clyfford Still. Out of an ether, shapes and edges of color alone seem to give rise to form. The complex shapes and patterns are completely made of only ellipses and rectangles.


June’s Leaders in Software and Art choices (a 60-min. loop that plays twice through in a two hour period), including works by Asya Reznikov, Matthew Richard, Nell Breyer, Sophie Kahn and Lisa Parra, Benton-C Bainbridge and Brooke Broussard, and Deborah Johnson, will show on the Big Screen at the following times (schedule subject to change.  Please check schedule at before attending).

6/7 — 9AM-11AM
6/9/11 — 12PM-2PM, 8PM-10PM
6/21 — 9-11AM
6/22 — 7-9PM
6/23 — 12-2PM  & 8-10PM