Monday's salon rocked

We had four presenters: Asya Resnikov, Luke Dubois, Julie Unruh and Max Steiner.  We were fortunate to be able to host this event at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art on Sullivan Street in NYC.  More on each individual artist as soon as I have a moment!

-Asya Resnikov.  Asya is an artist and photographer whose work
explores the impact of language, culture, immigration, and travel on

– Luke Dubois.  Luke is a composer, artist and performer who has
lectured worldwide on interactive sound and video.  The picture featured with this post is from a collaborative work with Lian Amaris Sifuentes, “Fashionably Late for the Relationship”.

– Julie Unruh.  Julie is a painter and sketcher who has become
interested in neuroscience and wishes to explore it further.

– Max Steiner.  Max is a jewelry designer, architectural modelmaker,
sculptor, product designer, 3d modeler, and web developer with a
complementary interest in neuroscience.