Ursula Endlicher at the Big Screen Plaza

As part of LISA’s partnership with the Big Screen Plaza, we will be showing excerpts from Ursula Endlicher‘s works during the month of August on the Big Screen at the Eventi Hotel at 30th and 6th in Manhattan.  We are excited that Ursula is working with us for this project.


Ursula Endlicher’s work resides on the intersection of Internet, performance and multi-media installation. Her focus lies in translating the social and structural components of the Web into choreography for performances, installations and objects. She has exhibited and performed her work internationally, most recently  at the transmediale.11 festival in Berlin; at SIGGRAPH Asia, Japan; Jersey City Museum, NJ;  Postmasters Gallery, New York; the Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn; and at the  Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland.

Her net-art work has been commissioned by Turbulence, and by the Whitney Museum for it’s artport Gate Pages; her Internet/theater work has been presented by the “Theater am Neumarkt” in Zürich, Switzerland. She participated in the Virtual Residency 2.0 at Location One, and has been invited to many international festivals on networked culture and performance. Her work is part of the Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art at Cornell University, and the ursula blickle’s videoarchiv at the Kunsthalle Wien in Vienna, Austria.

Artist’s notes on the piece:

interACTicons remixed is a social-media terminology re-enactment using online video clips collected recently during the transmediale.11 festival in Berlin, Germany, for the interACTicons project.

interACTicons are short audience/visitor submitted performative video-interpretations of social-networking activities such as “friend, follow, like, etc.”

For the original interACTicons performance in Berlin I used 40 social-networking sites from around the globe as “score”.

The score of interACTicons remixed is based solely on the source code of softwareandart.com, the website of “Leaders in Software and Art”, who invited me to this show. I scanned their website for the above mentioned social-activity terms which determine the choreography of this video.”

Big Screen Schedule:
August’s Leaders in Software and Art choices (a 60-min. loop), including works by Dennis Miller, Mark Napier, Matt Pearson, and Ursula Endlicher, are expected to show on the Big Screen at the following times (schedule subject to change.  Please check schedule at http://bigscreenplaza.com before attending).

aug 1, 2pm
aug 2, 9-11am
aug 3, 10pm
aug 4, 7-9pm, 12-2pm
aug 7, 8pm
aug 10, 3pm, 7-9pm
aug 11, 1pm
aug 12, 9am, 11am
aug 13, 3pm
aug 14, 9am

aug 15, 2-3pm
aug 16, 9-11am
aug 17, 10pm
aug 18, 12-2pm; 7-9pm
aug 21, 8-9pm