Jer Thorp at Eyeo

Jer gave a great talk at Eyeo today. Jer says: I am notoriously bad at looking into the future.  I could have been employee #5 at Flickr (Ludicorp) but missed it.  I thought the web was a bad idea at first too.  So I’m going to talk about history instead […]

Ali Momeni and MAW

Ali Momeni teaches here in Minneapolis and started a collective in Minneapolis called MAW – the He says: I’ve been reflecting on the outings we’ve done. It was initially an acronym for Minneapolis Art on Wheels, but we do way more than that, magic for example.  It’s a revolving […]

Nicholas Felton

Nicholas Felton spoke first at Eyeo this morning and told us what ended up being a beautiful, romantic story. Nicholas tracks the data of his own days and turns them into annual reports.  What routes does he walk?  How often does he take public transport?  Is he a good gardener?  […]

Robert Hodgin

This evening’s first presentation at Eyeo was by Robert Hodgin, who is a terrific speaker and explainer, and funny to boot.  Robert says: I remember using a computer with a four-color palate, a low-res display.  I was playing video games and I don’t recall a single instance where I thought […]

Marius Watz – Random Thoughts on Code and Form

Marius (another LISA alum!) spoke this afternoon at Eyeo. He says: It took me 15 years to get to finally making some screen prints of my work — with Jer Thorp.  (Just a little plug).  I am descended from Thor the Dog and I’m Norwegian.  I’ve been heckling people here […]

Zach Lieberman – Drawing Movement and Magic

Zach Lieberman was the next speaker at Eyeo this morning.  I have encountered Zach’s name before and I’ve either invited him, or planned to invite him, to speak at a LISA salon one of these days.  I’ll have to find him and do that here. He’s a professor at Parsons […]

Jake Barton of Local Projects

Day two of the Eyeo Festival.  I was late from doing email back at the room, so I missed a bunch of the demonstration projects that Barton described for the first 15 minutes. Jake says: The public review process is flawed.  It’s an aging system that once played a role, […]

Natalie Jermijenko's Eyeo Presentation

I was only able to attend one of the evening sessions tonight at the Eyeo Festival (because things got started pretty late and will end even later), so I am missing Golan Levin and the Seed-sponsored afterparty.  Yay to Seed Media Group, and Adam Bly for sponsoring this conference. […]

Data Viz 101 with Jer Thorp and Wes Grubbs

Much of this session was actually writing code to make a demo program, but I captured the part that was more chatty.  The picture above is as far as I got in my Processing demo… after that I got lost and started blogging.  Jer has the presentation available if anyone […]

Amanda Cox: Making Illustrations Better with an Annotation Layer

At Eyeo, the afternoon sessions split into 3 tracks.  I attended a presentation by Amanda Cox, who does Data Visualization for the NYT.  She makes interactive charts you can click into to get more information. Pamplona Spain is the biggest conference for news graphics.  And someone there pointed out a […]