Featured Presenter: Scott Kildall

Kildall showed us his latest project “afterthought”, which I believe he is working on as one of Eyebeam’s resident artists. He shows a series of images to a willing subject, who is wearing a device to measure brain activity.

Featured presenter: Nina Paley

Nina spoke to us in December on her views on copyright and distribution.  I think she wrote this post after our event, spurred on by a question someone asked at the salon, which she undoubtedly gets all the time: What’s Stopping You? Nina’s perspective on freeing up her copyright by […]

First Salon 12/8 a success!

Our first LISA salon was a tremendous success, with way more people than expected (around 25).  We are changing the location to a Soho gallery for next month (1/11). Our featured presenters were: – Erik Sanner.  Erik uses computers to manipulate images and project them onto paintings, to make layered […]

Tim Burton at the MoMA

Last week I went to the Tim Burton exhibition at the MoMA. Held in a surprisingly small space, the exhibition displays 800+ images…

Synaptic Stimuli

Thanks to Spot for the pointer to Michael Chichi’s interesting blog, Synaptic Stimuli.  Lots of pics, not much text (thankfully).  I especially like the cool Hussein Chalayan LED and laser dresses pictured in the fashion category.

Signal and Noise Festival Due Date

Due date for submissions to the Signal and Noise Festival is 1/15/2010.

Eyebeam Fellowships and Residencies Due Date

The due date for Eyebeam fellowships and residencies is 12/11.

Good music at Weill Hall

Last Tuesday 11/24 I went with a friend to Weill Hall to see the annual Classical Recording Foundation awards ceremony.  The CRF was founded to stimulate classical music recording by funding recoding projects by labels and artists. “Unlike major labels, which are profit driven and therefore can commit only to […]

Kandinsky and his groups

Went last Saturday to see the Kandinsky exhibit at the Guggenheim (reviewed here in the NY Times), there through 1/13/2010.  Kandinsky is one of Scott Draves’ favorite artists and influences.  The large pieces really looked terrific in the Spiral setting of the Guggenheim, where you could see them en masse […]

Glow 2009 and the Kunstlicht in de Kunst

Just missed what looks like an incredibly cool festival in the Netherlands called “Glow”, the forum of light in art and architecture, apparently in its 4th year. Curated by Bettina Pelz and Tom Groll, during Glow “the city center of Eindhoven turns again into a forum of interventions, installations, performances […]