Connected Environments

Natalie Jeremijenko takes Leaders in Software and Art on a private tour of her solo show at the Neuberger Museum of Art in Purchase, NY.  The show is curated by Jacqueline Shilkoff, Neuberger Museum Associate Curator for New Media and the Digital Museum, and will be up through October 24th, […]

August's salon at the CAM Project Room

Ursula Endlicher aims to give the flat, screen-based experience of the internet a “physical expression.” She kicked things off with a video of her ‘Website Impersonations – The Ten Most Visited’ project. For, the #2 most visited website that day, Endlicher had dancers interpret the HTML source code of […]

At ISSUE last night

Dafna Naphtali opened the show by sending clicks around ISSUE‘s in-house installation of  15 speakers installed by Stephan Moore.  She used a wii-mote, pointing at her laptop screen and clicking, and the sounds swirled around our heads, sometimes faster, sometimes slower.  It was a good introduction to what came next, […]

July's salon at the CAM Project Room

Last night’s salon at the Project Room for New Media at the Chelsea Art Museum featured four presenters: Mark Napier, Paul Amitai, Marty St James and John F. Simon. Mark Napier showed various projects, including Internet Shredder 1.0, which deconstructs websites, and net.flag, one of the first pieces of net art to be […]

Concerts I'm sorry I missed

I was paging through the Times this morning (we’re getting it on paper for a few weeks while I’m on maternity leave) and a picture of Miranda Cuckson jumped out at me.  She’s the violinist from the Argento Chamber Ensemble that I first heard a few months ago. The performance, […]

Featured Presenter: Luke Dubois

Luke Dubois presented at the LISA salon on Monday, January 11th.  Luke is an unassuming guy who comes across as incredibly humble.  When you finally get him to spill the beans it turns out he’s an unbelievably talented and prolific artist who has shown his work in some incredible venues […]

Featured Presenter: Asya Reznikov

On January 11th, Asya Reznikov presented at LISA at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art.  The first thing I have to say about Asya’s work is that still images simply do not do it justice.  So you may want to start by checking out the video clips on Asya’s website. […]

Monday's salon rocked

We had four presenters: Asya Resnikov, Luke Dubois, Julie Unruh and Max Steiner.  We were fortunate to be able to host this event at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art on Sullivan Street in NYC.  More on each individual artist as soon as I have a moment! -Asya Resnikov.  Asya […]

Featured Presenter: Erik Sanner

At the December Salon, Erik discussed some of his perspectives on the history of painting as time-based, in exploration of his interest in making “paintings that move”.  He also did something really, really cool – the last time Erik came to visit the apartment he took a snapshot of a […]

Featured Presenter: Categuru

So my buddies Carl Michael Carlson and Larry B. Finer have created a spanking cool word game for the iPhone called Categuru, and they demoed it right at launch, just in time for our December 8th salon.  The way it works is the screen, which looks like an antique wooden […]