Dennis Miller at the Big Screen Plaza

As part of LISA’s partnership with the Big Screen Plaza, we will be showing excerpts from Dennis Miller‘s works during the month of August on the Big Screen at the Eventi Hotel at 30th and 6th in Manhattan.  We are excited that Dennis is working with us for this project.


Dennis Miller is a composer, animator and photographer living in the suburbs of Boston. He is on the faculty of Northeastern University, where he teaches courses in new media. Miller is the founder and artistic director of the Visual Music Marathon (, a program devoted to exposing mixed media artworks through screenings, publications and commissions.

Dennis’s works explore the application of techniques drawn from music composition into the visual realm. They can be previewed at His photography is available for viewing at


1. Release, Dennis H. Miller, 3’

The End approaches as we dance to its rhythms.

2. Reflect, Dennis H. Miller, 2’ 31

Brightly colored lights dance on a highly reflective surface under the influence of a dramatic soundtrack, also composed by the artist.

3. Circles and Rounds, Dennis H. Miller, 9’ 23

Circles and Rounds explores a variety of circular paths, processes and forms within a virtual environment. The work is in four sections and is unified by recurring visual and musical elements. All images were created with Maxon Cinema 4D, and the music was composed using a variety of tools, including Native Instruments Reaktor and Applied-Acoustics Tassman.

4. Roulette, Dennis H. Miller, 4’

Morphing, evolving, twisting and turning. Never looping but always in flux.

5. Cellular, Dennis H. Miller, 4’ 30”

Abstract geometric patterns float across a colorful landscape.

Big Screen Schedule:
August’s Leaders in Software and Art choices (a 60-min. loop), including works by Dennis Miller, Mark Napier, Matt Pearson, and Ursula Endlicher, are expected to show on the Big Screen at the following times (schedule subject to change.  Please check schedule at before attending).

aug 1, 2pm
aug 2, 9-11am
aug 3, 10pm
aug 4, 7-9pm, 12-2pm
aug 7, 8pm
aug 10, 3pm, 7-9pm
aug 11, 1pm
aug 12, 9am, 11am
aug 13, 3pm
aug 14, 9am

aug 15, 2-3pm
aug 16, 9-11am
aug 17, 10pm
aug 18, 12-2pm; 7-9pm
aug 21, 8-9pm